Science confirms: Being forgetful is a sign of high intelligence

We all forget things every now and then, we are just people after all. Sometimes you forget your keys at work or forget to hang up the laundry. It is difficult to always fit your whole life in your head and it’s quite natural to forget things sometimes.

And there are some who forget everything, no matter how important it is.

However, those who are very forgetful can enjoy the latest news – they may be super smart, according to research.

According to a new study, forgetfulness does not just have to be something negative. Although you probably showed up to important meetings without your presentation or to the game without your tickets, you can at least find hope in the fact that you are more intelligent than the average person, writes the site Likeswifty.

Deletes unnecessary information

Being forgetful is a sign of very high intelligence – that idea never crossed people’s mind.

But the fact is that the people with the highest intelligence, forget things that the brain discards as unnecessary details.

For example, if you forget a particular address, it’s likely that the brain has given priority to other information and simply forgot it.

If instead, one remembers everything, it can be difficult to make decisions, since the brain cannot decide which information to prioritize.

Image source: Pxhere

Levels of importance

In conclusion, the smarter you are, the better the brain is at sorting out information in levels of importance. This makes it easier to make better and easier quick decisions when it’s needed.

Makes sense, actually.

So if you forget to call back your friend or leave the milk outside the fridge all night – do not despair. You should sit back and think of the fact that you are too intelligent to remember all the little details.

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