11 amazing pictures that look fake but are actually real

There are some fantastic images to see online and on social media. However, most of them have probably been manipulated to some degree.

There is nothing wrong with that, but it makes it difficult to know what to trust. It is normal to be skeptical.

However, many natural phenomena, places, and creations on earth look so unreal that it’s hard to believe they are real. Here are 11 pictures that might look fake at first sight—but are actually real.

These photos almost made my jaw drop!

1. An incredibly realistic creation by artist Ron Mueck

Picture: Facebook

2. Breathtaking work of art by Benedict Radcliffe

Picture: Benedict Radcliffe
Picture: Benedict Radcliffe

3. Matryoshka: Scary nature version

Image: Twitter / @ Denni_1242

4. This giant sinkhole suddenly appeared in Guatemala 10 years ago

Picture: Imgur

5. This looks like a cruise ship on top of a mountain, but it’s just a hotel

Picture: Imgur

6. This apartment complex in Bolivia looks crazy!

Picture: Imgur

7. This wooden cabin in the California desert

Image: Reddit

8. A massive sandstorm in Australia.

Picture: Imgur

9. In Kansas, a tornado and a rainbow appeared at the same time

Picture: Imgur

10. When a powerful hurricane leaves a piece of art behind

Image: Reddit

11. A sculpture in New Zealand

Image: Bored Panda

Imagine all the incredible creations that exist worldwide—either made by artists or by Mother Nature herself. This world is such a wonderful place!

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