Grandpa can’t find dentures after nap – soon stumbles upon Maggie the dog’s priceless secret

Most dog owners like to treat their fur-covered friends just as they treat other people.

For example, having dinner at the same time, dressing them up, or even let them sit on the couch.

Although I really think everyone should treat animals nicely, some people might take it too far – and need to realize that their sweeties are still animals.

It can sometimes be difficult not to laugh when animals act like they’re a real person.

This was the case for a man who recently took a nap in the middle of the day while pet-sitting his daughter’s little dog Maggie. The pup is a mixed breed between Shih-Tzu and Chihuahua – quite the adorable mix if you ask me!

Picture: Twitter / @eUniFiEd

When the man woke up, he noticed, much to his surprise, that his dentures had disappeared without a trace. He left them, as usual, on his bedside table, he believed, but after looking for a while, became uncertain.

Adorable and funny

Nobody could have been there to move them.

The dog sitter thought he might have left his fake teeth in the bathroom. It certainly had happened before, so he went there to look. Inside, he found the dog, Maggie. She looked completely innocent – until she opened her mouth.

Picture: Twitter / @ eUniFiEd

It was quite a shock. It turns out the dentures thief was none other than this little devil – and she even managed to put them on.

After this happened, the incredible images that Maggie’s owner, Eunice, shared online, continue to spread like wildfire. The photos of the dog with the dentures are both adorable and insanely funny.

“Laughed so hard that tears came out”

Apparently, the dog seemed pretty comfy wearing the dentures.

“He sent me a picture and explained what had happened and I was in literal tears,” said Eunice, according to Ladbible.

Picture: Twitter / @ eUniFiEd

No wonder this little fluffball it’s receiving so much attention! I myself, have a hard time not laughing every time I watch the pictures!

What a wonderful little cutie!

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