Here’s the gigantic “shoe bed” for dogs and the internet absolutely loves it

Anyone who has ever had a dog, or other pet for that matter, also knows how wonderful it is to have an extra family member who is happy to see you after a long day at work.

Other family members may, as you know, be a bit hard to handle every now and then. However, a pet will always be happy to see you. 

Having a dog in the family means that some of the family’s shoes might be sacrificed because the little devil loves to chew on them. But now there is a solution to this problem, in the form of a shoe-bed!

If you are wondering what to give to the family’s most cheerful member, the dog, for Christmas, we got your back.

Perfect Christmas gift for the dogs

This new “dog bed” will, in all likelihood, cause your dog’s cravings for slippers to diminish a bit.

Sasquatch Pet Beds, the company responsible for this genius invention, has made waves online. The removable inside of the “shoe” makes it a walk in the park to clean – and the giant dog bed sitting in the living room finally won’t stink as badly as the old one.

It works for cats as well. Image source: Amazon

Available in luxury variant

You can get this unique dog bed through and is available in yellow, pink and beige. In other words, you can customize the new decoration according to your home. Besides, the price makes it the most optimal Christmas gift for your dog.

The yellow and pink beds cost $50 and $60. If you want a beige one, however, you’ll have to pay over $200 for it – as that “slipper” is considered the most exclusive. So to earn that luxury, your dog probably must have been a really good boy this year.

Image source: Amazon

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