Nobody believed him when he described his horse’s "afternoon ritual": But then he catches it on film

Nobody believed him when he described his horse’s “afternoon ritual”: But then he catches it on film

I think we can all agree that horses are very special animals. They each have their own distinct personality – some more colorful than others!

I’m pretty trusting as a person; I believe most everything that I see and hear. And more often than not, I take statements at face value. But sometimes that comes back to bite me!

Other people are the complete opposite; they are skeptical of just about everything – especially things that seem out of the ordinary.


What would you have thought if someone told you that his or her horse enjoys a dip in the swimming pool every now and then? Have you even seen a horse swim?

But apparently, there’s one horse that just loves cooling down in the water on a warm day. Every other day, he goes to the family pool for a refreshing swim.

You don’t believe me?

Not to worry, there’s video evidence!

Take a look at the video below:

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What a strange steed. He seems content with one lap in the pool before climbing up again. Not in the most graceful way perhaps, but practice makes perfect!

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