Tiny kitten struggles to get upstairs – then best buddy comes to the rescue

One of the oldest myths in history is that dogs and cats can’t be friends. Time and time again, these wonderful animals prove it wrong and become best friends.

As with all friends, they help each other through thick and thin, and it’s easy to see how much they care for each other.

Their routine comprises playing, cuddling and more playing.

Cats and dogs might not connect with each other at first, but that’s how most friendships start if you think about it. You are a little hesitant and cautious, your guard is always up. But after a while, the friendship grows stronger until you become best friends.

Dogo to the rescue

Such was the case for Tennyson, the German Shepherd, and his little friend Moo. Tennyson, being an adult and independent dog, feels that is his responsibility to watch over the much smaller Moo.

Tennyson simply wants to help, as you can clearly see in the clip below.

These two friends were trying to go upstairs at home, but for little Moo, the task it’s anything but simple with the big steps.

So Tennyson comes to the rescue.

dogo to the rescue
Image source: Youtube

Made millions smile

The owner of these two pals filmed the whole thing, and afterward, posted the video online.

Where it has, unsurprisingly, had great success, and over 14 million people have seen the clip, smiling and laughing thanks to the nice doggy.

See the full clip below!

dogo to the rescue

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