Watch this genius dog react – after the officer’s small gesture

Some dogs are way too clever.

Sometimes, it feels almost unreal when you see what these beautiful creatures can do. Doggies are possibly one of the smarter species on this planet.

The German Shepherd in the clip (below) was called “the world’s smartest dog.” And when you see what he quickly does on command, you’ll immediately understand why.

I’m probably not the only one fascinated by what we can get animals to do. Anything from fancy maneuvers to important tasks. After all, dogs have an incredible ability to learn to obey specific commands.

Important work to do

Most people are happy if they can get their beloved doggies to sit, lie down and roll. Teaching them a few tricks is a stimulating and important part of the animal’s upbringing, but it usually stops there – not many dogs are trained for professional purposes.

However, there are dogs with proper jobs!

One of the most common is police dogs. They do special training and are extremely nimble. In order for them to be able to cooperate well with their officer, they are much more obedient than the average doggy (we love all dogs regardless).

The officer gestures the dog

These little heroes, who daily help people in need, deserve our respect. If you have ever doubted their intelligence, I think you might want to take a look at the incredible clip below!

dog is a genius
Image: Youtube

In it, we can see a beautiful German Shepherd lying on the floor of a parking lot, taking it easy.

There is a police officer a few meters away. But suddenly, the man makes a small gesture – and the dog immediately understands that it’s time to work.

smart dogs
Image: Youtube

Now check for yourself what he does in the car – it is absolutely amazing.

The people behind the camera can’t help but laugh. Most likely because they are so impressed by the little scoundrel who is now an online celebrity.

Over 4 million people have now watched this amazing video!

Incredible! What an amazing dog. Such a good boy!

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