Woman adopts a puppy nobody wants and gets an incredible surprise that changes her entire view on life

Puppies are a bundle of cuteness and energy. Their curiosity knows no bounds, and investigating everything around them is a natural activity.

If puppies can’t let out enough steam daily, it’s normal for them to misbehave, trying to use all that built up energy.

When the stray puppy Penny was 10 weeks old, she found her way into a rescue center. The workers, like with all dogs, were trying to find her a permanent home.

But Penny was so energetic, and demanded so much attention, that she was sent back on several occasions – until the fated day finally arrived.

A bundle of energy

What she needed was someone who could play with her, give her the support all puppies need, and plenty of love. Until now, none of the families she had been with could keep up with her. But one day, Leonora Anzaldua came to the shelter – and it was love at first sight.

Started teaching Penny tricks

Leonora adopted Penny without a second thought and decided she was going to match the puppy’s energy, no matter what.

Penny the dog

Trying to get Penny to run out of energy, Leonora started teaching her tricks. She started with the basics, like sitting, lying down, and following on command.

Soon Leonora noticed that Penny was a gifted dog and was ready to learn anything Leonora threw at her.

Could spell her own name

Leonora bought wooden blocks in different shapes, and before she knew it, the dog was able to recognize all of them.

Then Leonora wanted to test precisely how smart Penny was and bought a wooden alphabet for her.

Incredibly, Penny also learned to recognize letters, and in a matter of days, the little puppy could spell her own name.

Hundreds of thousands amazed

One day, Leonora filmed Penny spelling her own name and posted the clip online, where it immediately spread like wildfire.

Today, the clip has been seen by over 200,000 people, all of whom are amazed at the little doggie’s spelling ability.

See the entire clip below!

What a wonderful little dog! Penny finally got a home where she can use her full potential!

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