This Santa stocking holds 3 bottles of wine and will be your savior this Christmas

Preparations are complete for this Christmas, the food, the presents, the music – even the tree is full of lights and decorations. You may think that there is nothing else to add, however, this year, this is not the case.

No, without the “Christmas-stocking Flask”, of course, no Christmas will be complete.

It holds up to 3 bottles of wine, costs $10 – and saves the night when your in-laws get too annoying.

FYI – This Christmas stocking holds 3 bottles of wine…

Posted by Sosandar on Sunday, November 24, 2019

Christmas is a holiday that comes with lots of traditions. Each family has their own, but a delicious and abundant Christmas dinner, a tray full of cookies and a glass of milk for Santa, and plenty of presents under the tree the next morning are usually the norm.

A warmer celebration

The feast, the warm conversations, the children playing around the tree, the Christmas TV specials and many more moments we will remember forever.

There is something wonderful about this ritual that mimics itself every year, it makes us feel safe and at peace. But most importantly, we feel loved.


If there’s something you just have to add to your Christmas celebration, it’s a special Christmas stocking. Indeed, this is not an event just for alcohol, but it sure feels amazing to pair some good wine with Christmas food.

It wouldn’t be the same without it.


However, if you don’t drink alcohol, we absolutely understand.

Costs $10

But this Christmas stocking is something else. I’ll make sure to have at least one ready at home when the family visits on December 24th. This fantastic looking flask holds not only 1 or 2, but a whopping 3 bottles of wine.

The sock has a tap at the bottom ready to refill any cup or glass in the vicinity.


It’s currently on sale for $ 9.99 – compared to its original price of $17.99. You can get it everywhere online, for example, through Amazon. A great price for a greater Christmas party. Sounds like a great deal to me!

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