You can now buy scented candles – that smell like ice cold beer

You can now buy scented candles – that smell like ice cold beer

Vanilla, lavender, roses, etc. The choices for scented candles are infinite. There is a scent for every single person to fall in love with.

A company from Australia has made a set of new scented candles – with unusual scents.

So how about chatting a little at home on the couch and lighting a candle that smells like beer, or even cheeseburgers?

The scent of a McDonald’s cheeseburger or an ice-cold beer would probably get most of us drooling. A cold beer is one of the best liquids you can drink after a long day at work. Now, for the first time, you can have those delicious fragrances present at all times, writes the British site The Mirror.

Sells out every time

Gray Lines, an Australian online store, is selling the mentioned beer and cheeseburger scented candles among other products.

scented candles beer
Image source: Gray Lines

The scented candles, especially the one with cheeseburger smell, are immensely popular and sell out quickly after every time they restock.

A scented candle costs around $20 and burns for an impressive 30 hours.

scented candles cheeseburger
Image source: Gray Lines

“If I can’t eat them, I shall smell them”

Customers have showered with praise the amazing candles.

“Yes, oh man this is probably the best gift ever… does it come with the matching fries scent too?” Writes a user.

“When cheeseburgers are life. If I can’t eat them, might as well smell them” Writes another happy candle owner.

But Gray Lines also has more unusual scents in its range.

Garlic bread-scented home

If cheeseburgers or beers are not your types of scent, you can check out the numerous options at Gray Lines.

They have, among other things, candles with the scent of garlic bread that will make your whole place smell like a bakery.

scented candles garlic
Image source: Gray Lines

Such a treat! – who would say no to the scent of a cheeseburger, beer or garlic bread at home?

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