Dad rages against toilet paper hoarders and hits them hard with genius “poop calculation”

One of the strangest side-effects of the coronavirus is the shortage of toilet paper.

Although the authorities and manufacturers have reassured everyone around the world that there won’t be a toilet paper shortage, people continue to hoard it like they are gonna eat it if they run out of food during the pandemic.

The dad of our story, like most of us, has had enough of this and made a hard-hitting message for all the hoarders – through a mathematical calculation that might just put things into perspective for these people… and probably a smile on your face.

For the past few days, we have been bombarded by pictures of empty toilet paper shelves in grocery stores. As well as shopping carts that have been filled way above the limit with toilet paper. This shortage is purely artificial – and hoarding is one of the worst things you can do in a pandemic.

A Calculation for toilet paper

Most of us are tired of these lunatics – and so is Naomi Corson’s dad.

toilet paper
Picture: Facebook / HowToBeADad

In a clip that is now spreading like wildfire online, you can hear and see how he goes through the data he came up with while explaining a calculation that exposes everyone hoarding toilet paper by what they are – insane.

“Go to Costco, big huge pack of toilet paper has 30 rolls.”

Each roll has 425 sheets.

There will be 12,750 sheets per pack.

This means that if you use 20 sheets per shit, there will be 637.5 shits per pack. That, in turn, is 45.5 shits per day (for 14 days).

So, a person who bought 4 giant packs for a family of 4 people – to quarantine for the required 14 days – would need to poop 182 times a day to use the purchased amount of toilet paper. If they use 20 sheets per shit, according this father’s calculations.

“Now let’s all calm down!” It’s his final message. A breath of fresh air filled with common sense for all of us who can identify with this man’s rage.

Puts all the hoarders in their place

The clip has received plenty of good reactions. Some believe that he’s generous counting as many as 20 sheets per poop. Others think he brilliantly puts everyone who’s hoarding toilet paper in their place.

Now watch the quick and witty clip – seen by over 15 million people – below.

The condescending tone of this dad as he proudly reads his calculations is genius, I couldn’t stop laughing when he starts reading the important part!

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