Family in quarantine line up with bathrobes on โ€“ their “lockdown boogie” will fill you up with happiness and joy

Times are uncertain, we are trying to fight off this pandemic caused by the coronavirus COVID-19. Our doctors and nurses are giving everything they can. The only thing we can do is stay at home and only get out for the very essentials.

It is awful being isolated from your friends and family. Spending all your time watching TV, playing and chilling at home used to be a magical way to take a break and recharge your batteries. But now, having to squeeze all your life in what was your sacred space is surely a stressful way to spend a month or two.

So now, more than ever, you need to take a break from the world as often as possible. Use whatever tools you have to distract yourself so you can keep calm until this pandemic goes away.

Of course, here at The Laugh Club, we ask you to try to do it in a safe way.

For more information about the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic, please check the World Health Organization website.

Everyone is trying their best to pass the time. But a household in New Zealand had a very peculiar way of doing it โ€“ they recorded a groovy music video that talks about living in lockdown.

Family Lockdown Boogie

The Buchanans, a family consisting of Jo the mom, Graeme the dad, Jack the son, Lani the daughter, and little Maisie (the dog), recorded a music video last week called “Family Lockdown boogie.”

Lockdown family
Image source: Youtube

Jack came up with the idea, Anna Robinson created the choreography, and the Buchanans’ flawless dance moves did the rest.

The song is about how the government and the virus forced the family to stay home, so for the family’s sanity, there’s only one thing they can do.

The only alternative is to dance.

coronavirus lockdown boogie
Image source: Youtube

Over 1,200,000 views

Jack uploaded the wonderful music video last Thursday and over 1,200,000 people have seen it already.

Image source: Youtube

The music video has become an international treasure and even the New Zealand Finance Minister Grant Robertson has shared the video online.

โ€œGreat fun to see and a great time for families to reconnect at home… many just don’t get the time in recent years, often due to both parents having to work… Make the most of it because this can and will bring lifelong memories… Hopefully really happy ones, even though they came from a crisis situation. Arohanui. He commented according to the New Zealand Herald.

See the entire clip below!

What a cool family โ€“ when you see them dance, you’ll understand why millions love the clip!

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