18-year-old gets naked to take Michael’s virginity, but then he whispers 5 words he will forever regret

18-year-old gets naked to take Michael’s virginity, but then he whispers 5 words he will forever regret

Workplaces romances are bound to end in trouble. My dad always used to say, “don’t shit where you eat” (pardon my French).

Still, I think workplace relationships are quite common. You meet most new people through work, and you can’t help what you feel.

This story is about a couple of co-workers who decided to try their luck at hooking up, but things didn’t exactly go according to plan.

I heard this dirty joke about 10 years ago, but it’s a classic that still holds up. The ending always makes me laugh like a maniac!

Michael and Madison were coworkers in a big office. Michael was quite shy and reserved, while Madison was bold and self-confident.

He had helplessly fallen for her, and he was especially impressed with how she was always able to improvise and take everything in stride. It had taken him more than a year to settle into his workplace, while Madison was on familiar terms with everyone in the office within her first month, despite being only 18 years old.

After weeks of torturous indecision, Michael finally asked her out for a date. To his disbelief, she accepted, and they decided to meet up on that very evening. He was going to pick her up at 7.

On his way to her apartment, Michael stopped by a florist and bought a bouquet of red roses – that was the proper way to court a beautiful woman, according to his mother. He soon arrived at Madison’s place, and nervously rang the doorbell.

She opened the door and gasped when she saw the big wrapped-up bouquet. She ripped off the wrapping, and gazed at the beautiful flowers. His romantic gesture made her so over the moon that she suddenly ripped off her clothes and threw herself on the couch.

Madison lay on her back and threw her legs into the air. She spread them and gave Michael a smoldering, inviting look.

She told him, “This is for the flowers.”

Shy Michael was flustered and confused. He stammered, “D-don’t you have a vase?”

Things aren’t always easy when you’re shy and inexperienced…

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