Dirty joke: Everything goes wrong when a deaf couple turns off the lights in the bedroom

Funny stories and dirty jokes always cheer me up. I like dirty jokes particularly because they always have an ending that surprises me. And usually, the punchline is a bit “taboo” as well, which makes it even funnier.

I found this joke online the other day, and it was so funny I just had to share it!

James and Helen loved each other so they got married. After the ceremony in the church and the wedding party, it was finally time to get intimate on the wedding night.

Difficulties in the dark

Both James and Helen were deaf so when they noticed that there was a problem – they could not communicate with each other after they switched off the lights. In other words, things got awkward, since none of them knew what the other wanted.

After a week Helen wasn’t pleased about the sex and brought up the issue to James.

“Squeeze my left breast”

“We should agree on some signals, James. For example: if you want to have sex with me, squeeze my left breast once. If you don’t want to, squeeze my right breast once. That way, it won’t be awkward and we both understand, Helen explained in sign language.

James thought about the proposal, said it sounded good and came up with his own signal.

“Sounds perfect! How about this? If you want to have sex with me, stroke my dick once. If you don’t want to, stroke my dick 50 times!

I laughed so hard I cried a little when I read this one! Press the share button so your friends get a good laugh!