Dirty Joke: 91-year-old power woman goes to the dentist

One of the best things in life is humor. It helps you relax, cheer up, bond with people, and so much more! One of my favorite types of jokes has always been dirty or NSFW jokes.

This has been the family tradition for the past few decades. It’s always fun to hear a joke or story with an unexpected twist. From Sunday dinners to Christmas Eve, we have always welcomed jokes! The words that can come out of your grandma after a few glasses of wine would surprise you.

Earlier this week, I came across this hilarious and fictional short story, so I wanted to share it with you. It made me laugh so hard I spit some of my coffee on the keyboard!

Grandma goes to the dentist.

A 91-year-old lady comes to the dentist’s office in North Dakota. She claimed it was an emergency, so the young doctor working in the clinic prepared himself for the worst.

dentist humor

The old lady walks into the dentist’s office with her cane in one hand, struggling to get to where the doctor is.

“Good day, ma’am,” says the dentist.

“Hello,” responds the grandma. 

She sits in the chair, quickly lowers her underpants, and lifts her legs wide open.

Gets as red as a tomato

The young man can’t believe his eyes, and his face becomes as red as a tomato from the embarrassment.

“Oh, eh… Excuse me, ma’am, but I’m not a gynecologist,” he says with a shaky voice.

“I know,” replies the 91-year-old granny. “But wasn’t it you who put the new teeth on my husband, Robert?”

“Yes, it was,” says the dentist, confused.

The old lady leans over towards the doctor and grabs his arm:

“I want you to take them out!”

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