Joke: Johnny and his teacher bet on the color of her panties

Gambling or betting are things that many people enjoy doing. Personally, I don’t like gambling — and when I do it’s usually a failure.

No, one must be smart when it comes to investing money. This story is a prime example of that!

It’s not entirely “Political Correct”, but remember, is not a true story, and is just for a laugh!

Linda, Little Jonnhy’s teacher, has been warned by the principal not to ever make a bet with Johnny unless she is absolutely sure she will win.

No one in the picture has anything to do with the story. Image source: Shutterstock.

After just a few days into the school year, little Johnny raises his hand during class and says:

“Linda! I bet you 500 bucks that I can guess the color of your panties!”

The teacher was surprised by the 7-year-old’s unexpected challenge. However, she quickly came up with an idea to easily win the bet.

“Okay! Not now, but come to my office after class so we can settle this,” she answered.

After the class was over, Linda runs to the lady’s restroom, takes off her panties — and then goes to her office. A few minutes later, Johnny enters the room.

“Okay, Jhonny. What’s the color of my panties?” Asks the teacher.

“They’re red!” Answers little Johnny.

“Nope, that’s wrong,” answers Linda with a smug face.

“I don’t believe you, prove it!” Says Johnny.

“Have no money”

So Linda lifts up her skirt and says: “See, I’m not wearing any.”

“Well, okay then,” answers Johnny. “Follow me to the parking lot, my Dad is waiting for me. I don’t have that amount of money on me, so he’ll have to pay you.”

So they go out to the parking lot and head to the car where Johnny’s dad is waiting.

“Your son bet me he could guess the color of my panties, but since I didn’t have any on me he lost. I already lifted up my skirt to show him, so now he owes me $500,” Linda tells his father.

“That little shit!” Exclaimed the father. “This morning he bet me a thousand bucks that he could get you to show him your pussy!”

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