Lewd story: Nun grabs construction worker's manhood – the unexpected reply makes her yell out

Lewd story: Nun grabs construction worker’s manhood – the unexpected reply makes her yell out

Funny stories about religion, priests and nuns have been incredibly popular since time immemorial. There’s just something about strong taboos and breaking them that fascinates us – and taking grave and serious matters and making fun of them can be a great way of dealing with the world around us.

When I got to the last line of the dirty joke below, then I couldn’t help but laugh like a maniac. I laughed so hard that it woke my hubby – and when I read it out to him, and he joined me in cracking up as well!

If you’re sensitive, then beware: this one is a bit racy. As long as you think that you can joke about almost anything, then you’re going to love this one!

A construction worker was working on site at a monastery, renovating a bathroom. As he was tightening some screws, a pipe burst, drenching him in water. The Mother Superior gave him permission to use the monastery’s shower and changing room to freshen up.

However, the Mother Superior specifically instructed him to be careful, since most of the nuns were very devoted in their faith and had never seen a man naked.

The construction worker was very dirty after the incident, so he took one bar of soap in each hand as he went into the shower. Just when he was about to turn on the shower, he heard three nuns walking into the changing room and starting to undress.

The man panicked as he heard the nuns drop their last garments. He looked around frantically, but had nowhere to go. Lacking a better option, he froze to the wall, stiff as a statue.

Odd statue

As the beautiful young nuns entered the shower, they were surprised by the strangely lifelike statue.

They gathered around to inspect it from head to toe.

“This statue must be new, it’s still muddy from the transport,” said one of the nuns.

“It looks so real! But what’s that?” asked one of the nuns and pointed at the construction worker’s groin.

“I don’t know,” said one of the nuns, who then walked up and suddenly pulled his penis.

The nun’s unexpected action shocked the fit construction worker so much that he dropped one of the bars of soap he was holding.

“Ah,” exclaimed one of the nuns, “It’s a soap dispenser!”

The second nun walked up to the “statue” and pulled its penis as well. The construction worker had no idea what to do, so he dropped the second soap.

The third nun wanted to try it as well. She pulled once – but nothing happened.

So she tried pulling one, two, three, four, five times, and suddenly exclaimed loudly, “Look! I got liquid soap!”

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