Wife turns the lights on while making love, but nothing could prepare her for what she saw next

Lying to people around you will almost always come back to bite you. Especially if you do it to your friends and family. Or worst of all, your partner!

So try to be honest, or you might end up like the couple in this hilarious story!

A man and a woman had just finished celebrating their twentieth wedding anniversary and headed up to bed for their naughty 20th anniversary celebration. They had been looking forward to this moment the whole week, and couldn’t wait to rip off their fancy clothes.

On the way up the stairs the woman glances at the pictures of their children, and thinks about how much she loves her life. They really have been lucky!

Everything changes

Once they get to the bedroom, the man turns off the light and they get down to business.

Mid-coitus the woman realizes that in the twenty years she’s been married (and the four they dated) she has never seen her husband fully naked. Perplexed by her realization, she uses a lull in the love-making to turn the lamp on.


She sees her husband wearing a strap-on dildo. The two freeze, sharing a strangely intimate moment of shock and confusion.

Finally, the man clears his throat. “I’ll explain the toy if you explain our kids.”

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