Couple buy dirty old truck that nobody wants and transform it into their dream RV

Your house is one of the most important things in life. Many significant events happen inside, you and your loved ones spend a big part of your lives between its walls, constantly maintaining and renovating it. And if the family grows, you might need to move to a bigger one.

Villas, apartments, even cabins for some, there are plenty of styles and types of homes. But there aren’t many people who would choose to live inside a truck. However, the couple from our next story did exactly that.

Going on vacation is wonderful. You see new things, undergo new experiences, try new food and meet new people. 

Whit that said, after a while, you start feeling homesick, and the only thing that helps is finally going home, the feeling you get once you are back, it’s very hard to beat. However, the couple Iona Stewart, 28, and Martin Hill, 39, solved this dilemma by bringing their home with them on vacation instead.

Drunk ideas are great

It all started last fall, during an evening when Martin had had one too many drinks. He realized that the couple spent most of their time traveling around Europe, and therefore, the obvious solution was to get an RV. Martin bought a scrappy old truck online for around $4000.

Four months later, their new home makeover was complete, and the dream RV was ready to roll.

She did the interior design – he did the woodwork

It took a lot of effort, where Iona took on the task of interior design and Martin the carpentry and craftsmanship.

The result was amazing!

Your jaw will drop when you see this extreme-makeover!

Everything fits in this RV!

Martin sold his apartment and the bar he owned – and now the couple travels around Europe full time! In the comfort of their home.

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