Woman is on her 35th week of pregnancy – but her amazing dance is praised around the world

Pregnancy affects each woman differently. Some may be bedridden for several weeks, without the ability to hold a single meal in their stomach, while others become even more active than before their pregnancy.

It feels like a journey, but of course, you hope it will be a time of joy, love, and something to remember with nostalgia for the future mother.

Having a supportive and helpful family by her side makes things easier! The goal is to continue to live normally even when you are expecting children.

That seems like the case for the woman in this video (below). She is in her 35th week of pregnancy, but regardless of that, her salsa dancing shows have not stopped. Instead, she dances up a storm on the floor, wearing high heels, delicious jewelry, and a beautiful hairstyle.

A great show

According to the British Baby Center UK, dance is a great way to stay active during pregnancy. As long as you have not been told otherwise by your doctor, it’s a good way to keep in shape while expecting a child — both safe and fun.

Pregnant woman dance

Most dances help you stay flexible, they strengthen your muscles and improve your stamina. Of course, you should take it easy at first, but if everything seems to be fine, you can slowly and safely speed up the pace.

It’s really wonderful to see how this future mom moves — and she’s really glowing with joy. I’m sitting with the biggest smile on my face after watching this amazing performance!

Over 10 million people have now seen the fantastic show!

Pregnant woman dances

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