17-year-olds try to use an old rotary phone – the hilarious result shows today’s youth perfectly

There is a lot of things that today’s youth will never experience! Much in society has become better since I was young, but I can often feel that my childhood was a little more alive than for those who are growing up today.

For today’s young people, “playing” often means sitting at the computer and interacting with each other via social media or video games.

If they don’t sit at the computer, you can bet on the fact that they will be sitting somewhere else while staring at their phone.

Although today’s young people are very good at technology, for them, it can be challenging to understand older gadgets – like an old rotary dial phone for example.

Looking back on your own childhood as happier than others is probably very common – I think most people do. But the question is if today’s young people are not losing a lot by having technology do everything for them. Maybe they’ll compensate by learning other things.

Using a rotary phone for the first time

When I was young, it was normal to ride your bike over to your friend’s house and ask if they wanted to check a place out. It could be anything from playing some football to going to the beach and swimming – or just cycling around in the neighborhood.

Today, young people are connected online most of the time and most of their friendship stays there – I don’t even understand how they manage to keep in touch.

Seeing an old rotary phone

But when it comes to older phones, the younger ones are as lost as I was when I had my first smartphone.

In the clip below, we can see adults, who we suppose are parents, handing out instructions to two 17-year-olds.

Must dial a number within four minutes

They have to figure out how the phone works and dial a specific number within four minutes.

Without revealing too much, we can say it doesn’t go as smooth as the teenagers thought. See the full clip below!

17-year-olds try to use an old rotary phone

After watching the video, it’s easy to understand why over 100,000 people have found it hilarious!

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