Blonde tries to gas up her car – just watch her miss an important detail that has people laughing out loud

Something I understand well is that it is difficult to keep up with technology. With smartphones, talking computers, electric cars and so much more.

No wonder we can’t understand everything!

However, as an outsider, it can be fun to watch someone try to deal with a new gadget or tool — struggling to understand how the thing works. It can lead to hilarious situations!

Something like this happened at a gas station. A driver and his friend were waiting on their car when he noticed something funny — and while giggling uncontrollably he picked up his phone and started recording.

The search lasted several minutes

The man saw how a girl was frantically looking for the fuel filler on the car. However, what she didn’t seem to understand was that she was driving a Tesla Model S — which is an electric car, and doesn’t need gas.

Girl tries putting gas on her Tesla
Picture: Facebook / Funny Videos

She probably saw that the car had a low battery level and then drove to a station to charge it up, but I’m guessing it either wasn’t her car or she changed it recently, following the old habit of going to a gas station to refill the car with gas. The search for where to put the petrol – in an electric car – lasted several minutes, and the man in the car behind couldn’t stop laughing.

After the frustrated girl finally gave up, and was calling (who we think was) the owner of the car, the man next to the person filming gets down from the car to help her. It was a happy ending! But again, new cool things are not always simple.

I’ll be completely honest, I can see this happening to me!

Now check out the clip that made millions of people laugh — remember that this can happen to anyone!

Girl tries putting gas on her Tesla

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