The clip that’s making millions laugh: Parrot does everything to fit in with the cats

Animals are amazing. They’re curious, and it’s always interesting to watch different species getting along with each other.

One of the funniest – and cutest – things is when different animals try to imitate each other.

Cat and mouse, bird and cat, cat and dog – there are many animals who have something of a special relationship. We’ve seen a lot of videos that put lie to such myths, but somehow the idea still lives on.

It’s great watching different animals get along, and it’s heart-warming to see animals from wildly different species turn into the best of pals, or seeing them imitate each other with shocking accuracy.

As far as imitation goes, the clip below is probably the most fascinating thing that I’ve seen in a long while.

Millions of views

This parrot is hanging out with 3 cats, and clearly wants to join the cool cat club. And what happens next is unbelievable! I just can’t stop laughing – no wonder that the cats look completely shocked! Pay close attention to their confused expressions!

The clip (below) has been seen by millions of viewers, and most of them seem to agree that it’s hysterically funny!

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