Criminal sneaks onto family’s property – regrets it instantly while fleeing for his life

Burglary is a serious crime! Such a lack of respect for the possessions of others, you go into people’s homes uninvited, a complete invasion of privacy.

It’s one of the worst lines you can cross, at least in my book, and those who find trouble while doing so won’t see any sympathy from me!

In the clip below, we can see a burglar, that like I said, got exactly what he deserved!

Committing a crime is never excusable, and those who do so have to accept their punishment. Personally, I think the police does everything they can with what they have; and I’m positive that maybe one day the crime-rate will drop to 0. But in the meantime, we can do nothing other than trusting those that are there to protect us.

Looking for valuables

In the clip below, you can see in the footage of a security camera, how a criminal breaks into a family’s backyard.

You can clearly see how this man is looking for a way into the house, probably to steal some valuables since the owners seem to be out.

He disappears for a few seconds in the video – but a bit later he appears again, running like the wind.

Fleeing for his life

The thief throws himself to the wall that surrounds the plot and climbs it up as fast as he can to get to the other side.

Without revealing too much, all I can say is that no wonder that over three million people have seen the clip; since a little unexpected hero appears and scares off the thief.

See the full clip below.

sneaky criminal

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