Dad drags trash can across the driveway, now watch when he discovers just how slippery it is

The northern part of Europe can get really cold in winter. It’s easy to forget that cities like London are on the same latitude as Calgary, Canada. This means frequent snow and ice in winter – which can lead to big problems, something this video shows in a hilarious way.

You’ve got to be careful when you’re outdoors when it’s below freezing, or you’re bound to get into funny but embarrassing situations.

Just watch this video (below) from England. I’m laughing so hard that I’m crying!

Sometimes, roads can turn into ice tracks during winter. When that happens, you have to take things slow and steady. Safety first!

The father in this video (with almost 400,000 views) is about to go fetch the trash can that’s on the far side of the driveway. Sounds like a piece of cake – but not when it’s crazy slippery outdoors, as he was about to learn the hard way!

Contagious laughter

In the beginning, it’s all smooth sailing for Alun Miles – but suddenly the ice strikes back with a vengeance. Poor Alun was in for a real adventure.

Meanwhile, his wife is filming his journey through an open window. Their kids are watching too – and soon the whole family is howling with laughter as they see their dad bravely fight his way across the driveway.

They say that simple humor is the best humor, and I have to agree. The family’s laughter is so damn contagious, I just can’t help but join in. This video really made my day!

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