Funny clip: Owner reveals he gave all the treats to the cat, now watch the dog’s hilarious reaction

Dogs are amazing animals who frequently get up to all kinds of mischievous shenanigans. They’re great at showing affection, they’re always honest and they absolutely adore getting attention from the people around them.

There’s a reason why dogs are said to be “man’s best friend”. They’re loyal to a fault, and would never let their owner down. Naturally, they want to be loved in return, which isn’t hard to do. You just can’t help but become best pals these lovable pups!

In the funny clip below, with more than 192 million views(!), a dog’s owner reveals to him that he gave all the dog treats to the family cat. The pup’s brilliant reaction made me double over with laughter!

Source: Youtube

Amazing comedy

Of course, the dog’s voice really belongs to the dog’s owner behind the camera. But the words are so incredibly well timed and synced that I’m completely convinced that it’s dog speaking. This man truly has a talent for comedy!

I can’t help but feel for the eager dog who’s just dying for a snack. Thankfully, he was handsomely rewarded with treats after this clip!

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