Horse loves getting petted by owner – but the foal’s revenge when he stops is making millions laugh

Horses are amazing animals who love getting cared for and being around the humans that they’ve bonded with. It’s not every day you see an animal enjoying themselves as much as a horse who’s getting petted or groomed.

That’s exactly what the funny clip below is about – and it’s making millions of people howl with laughter!

When me and my sister were growing up, we had a horse called Rocky. The best thing he knew was getting groomed with a soft brush out in our grassy pen. Out there he could munch hay, move around freely but still getting cared for.

Of course, he didn’t mind getting ridden. He loved racing around at full speed, and I always looked forward to the stable visits with my sis.

Rocky wasn’t an exception – most horses have an easy time creating strong bonds with humans, and they’re very wise animals who quickly learn new things.

3 million views

They may be cute, but they also possess incredible strength. I can barely believe what some horses are capable of!

The foal in the clip below loves one thing above all else – getting petted. Especially on her lower back, almost on top of her butt.

At first, the man in the video does what the horse wants, but when he stops, then she’s quick to show her displeasure. This is one stubborn lady!

She does get her way for a while, but then the man walks away to signal that petting time is over. Then she gets her revenge – straight out of left field!

The clip has been seen by more than 3 million viewers – and almost everyone has laughed out loud. This is one stubborn, but wise, cutie of a horse!

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