Mom puts baby rocker on stable floor – now watch the horse on the right

Mom puts baby rocker on stable floor – now watch the horse on the right

This horse really knows how to relate to babies!

Some animals are incredibly intelligent. They learn the meaning of different human behaviors, and form strong bonds with their owners.

We’ve encountered countless amazing examples of this throughout the years. Seeing it in action is adorable and can really make your day, but the video below really is one of the most heart-warming things I’ve seen in a long time.

When this baby’s mother put her little one’s rocker on the floor of a horse barn, the child started to cry. But surprisingly, the horse in a nearby stable decided to act – and bent his head down to comfort the baby.

Intelligent animals

The horse couldn’t quite reach all the way down, so she had to make do with rocking the little one.

The baby’s mom couldn’t believe what she was seeing and immediately took out her cell phone camera to film the amazing moment!

Horses are very intelligent animals, so it might not come as a complete surprise that this horse tries to comfort the crying baby.

Still, I think this clip is magical! It really shows how strong the bonds are between humans and animals.

These two, for example, already have an undeniably strong connection between them.

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