Owner pretends to eat out of cat’s bowl, now the wonderful reaction has the Internet in stitches

We had two cats when I was growing up, Tigger and Smokey. They were unusually energetic, and could suddenly appear out of nowhere. They made sure that our house was always brimming with activity – even on the grayest of days.

However, when it was time to feed them, they would always be calm and patient. They used to sit by the kitchen door and expectantly watch the door handle. It almost seemed like a solemn ceremony, I’m sure a lot of pets are like that.

After having eaten, they would always go for a nice nap in their favorite spot. But 2 hours later, they would be whizzing around the house again, playing with whatever they could find.

Cats are great pets that are always up to something mischievous. Sometimes they can really shock us with their shenanigans!

More than 5 million people has seen the clip below. In it, a cat owner steals his cat’s food bowl, just as the kitty is munching away.

“What the hell, man?”

When the cute cat notices what’s going on – and when the owner pretends to eat from the bowl – the cat does something amazing!

It’s both cute and funny. You can almost hear the cat go “Hey, what the hell, man?” as he reaches with his paw to return the bowl to its rightful owner (who is then allowed to finish his meal in peace).

This is one cool cat!

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