Reporter breaks down when he hears farmer’s unique laugh, but now listen to the reply in the background

Contagious laughter is one of the true joys in life!

But while breaking down in uncontrollable laughter can be amazing, it can also put you in tricky situations. You know how it is – those times when you’re really not supposed to be laughing, but you just can’t keep it in.

I think we’ve all experienced this at some point. Just thinking back on situations like that never fails to bring a smile to my face!

t’s not always easy to control your feelings – and even less so your laughter, something the reporter in this video clip got to experience in the best way possible. He’s about to interview a farmer, and a few seconds later he notices that the person he’s interviewing sounds just like a chicken when he laughs.


The two men start laughing at the situation, when suddenly, something is heard in the background. It’s a real rooster, who has heard the farmer’s laugh – and answers in kind.

This is absolute confirmation that it’s not just in the interviewer’s head. The farmer really does sound just like one of the animals on his farm.

When the rooster replies, the reporter can’t contain himself. He completely breaks down with laughter, and they have to stop the interview. The great thing about this is that the farmer doesn’t mind, he just laughs even harder, in his own unique way!

I can’t help but grin from ear to ear when watching this. I can totally see why the reporter can’t keep from laughing, this farmer is simply amazing!

Now watch the clip below, 800,000 people have done so already!

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