Small bulldog rushes up to gigantic police horse – the unexpected reaction has the internet in stitches

Most animals are absolutely amazing. They’re curious, and they love exploring the world around them. Seeing large animals meet small animals can be especially adorable.

Sometimes, such a meeting can feel a bit risky or dangerous, but it usually ends up being extremely charming and sweet.

Animals understand a lot more than we think, and we shouldn’t underestimate their intelligence or wisdom. They’re usually pretty skilled at estimating which challenges and risks to face and which to avoid – something they get better and better at with age.

The wonderful clip below has more than 5 million views, and is a shining example of how cute “large meets small” encounters can get in the animal kingdom. In this case, it’s a French Bulldog rushing up to an enormous police horse in New York.


After greeting each other with curiosity, the little dog can’t help but start playing around with his new big friend. Their interaction turns into a wonderful spectacle – and I completely understand why the dog’s owner can’t contain her laughter!

It’s no wonder that millions of people have watched this clip. It really goes to show just how curious and playful animals can be!

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