The horses go missing on this farm every day

Horses are fascinating animals. They can form powerful bonds with their owners. Who would say no to a loyal, cheerful, and brilliant companion? You might not think so, but it is amazing what they can do.

For example. Did you know that they can pick locks? I know, crazy—but Mariska, the horse, it’s actually an expert locksmith, and no barn door can get between her and her goals.

The owners of Mariska wondered how all the horses were getting out of the stable every day. No workers were opening their doors, after all. Was this the work of thieves trying to steal the horses?

The Horses Houdini

Well, maybe not—but how did all the horses get outside every morning?

Something strange was going on. Of course, The doors to the boxes didn’t open on their own. Still, most horses were out by morning—this weird phenomenon was a daily occurrence.


Finally, the owners set up cameras to find out what was happening. Then they made a surprising discovery—the horse Mariska was behind it.


In the clip below, you can see how this sly horse first gets out of her own room—then proceeds to let her friends out. I’ve never seen anything like it – talk about the Houdini of horses.

Over 13 million people have seemed this—and it’s impossible not to smile when you see how this brilliant horse calmly opens any gate or door that gets in her way.

This is probably the world’s smartest horse!

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