11-month-old twins keep making each other laugh – just keep your eye on the baby in blue

The best way to get in a good mood and to get closer to people is often a good laugh.

I love having fun with my husband, but sometimes when we fight or get mad each other, laughter is the best solution!

However, there are situations where it’s impossible to stop yourself from laughing. You know, when you get tempted — and it just has to get out.

In my case, laughing helps me the most during late evenings when I’m a bit tired, that’s the best part about laughter — it cheers you up, and it spreads to those around you.

When you are with friends and family, sometimes you end up in a situation where you can’t stop laughing. One’s laughter makes the other start laughing, and so on — the babies in this video (below), are a clear example of what I mean.

Laughter chain reaction

Two 11-month-old twins can’t stop laughing while looking at each other. Since they are siblings, they have a very close and special relationship — but this moment probably brought them even closer.

Twins laugh

They burst out laughing as soon as they look at each other. Once the laughter starts, it can’t stop — one baby makes the other laugh more and vice versa.

This continues until everyone in the room is laughing their hearts out.

Keep an eye on the baby on the left — I’m impossible to not laugh at the end!

Twins laugh

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