Two-year-old is caught red-handed with dogfood

One of the best things about babies is witnessing their growth during the first year. From crying all night to becoming a small person with thoughts and expressions that make you laugh or melt your heart. It is a crazy experience.

However, nothing beats hearing their first word and the struggle to put small sentences together. Then, suddenly you can communicate with these honest, naive, and curious little people. 

Sure it can be overwhelming, but it also leads to lots of laughter and joy!

2-year-old Lilyana is the living proof of this.

This little troublemaker was caught, by her parents, touching the dog’s food—something she refuses to admit.

“I did not touch the dog food!”

Lilyana immediately disagrees with the presented evidence—and in a heated argument with her mother, she is confident of her innocence. She claims her prosecutors are not telling the truth.

“The argument started because earlier. I was doing dishes, Lilyana came over and almost touched a sharp knife, so my husband told her not to touch it, and she said she didn’t touch it,” Sarah, the mother, told the Daily Mail.

Picture: Youtube

“So, once I finished the dishes, Lilyana went over to the dog’s bowl and looked like she grabbed his food, and I asked her why she touched the food, and the argument started,” Sarah continued.

A sassy 2-year-old

Towards the end, Tim, Lilyana’s dad, got involved—and then hilarity ensued. The determination from this little 2-year-old is adorable!

The clip has now charmed thousands worldwide!

Talk about being good at winning arguments!

This 2-year-old will be hard to handle in the future! These parents must be proud of their baby girl, as long as she keeps the sass in check. Such a beautiful family!

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