Woman gets ticket for parking 2 minutes too early – judge’s solution is now making headlines

Woman gets ticket for parking 2 minutes too early – judge’s solution is now making headlines

Swinging past the store on the way home is part of the end-of-the-day ritual.

A quick stop to buy that last ingredient needed for dinner, for example, or even treat yourself to some snacks. You know the drill and everything goes smoothly, as long as there is a free parking space outside the store, that is.

Getting out of the shop after just a few minutes and seeing a parking ticket on the windshield can ruin anyone’s day.

Trying to dispute a parking ticket is your right as an American, and the woman in this story is a prime example of why.

Trying to get a parking ticket dismissed is an uphill battle, most people give up as it rarely pays off. But in America, we fight for what we think is right, as this woman from Rhode Island showed.

Two-minute early parking ticket

A woman received a ticket when she parked at 9:58 on a spot where you can only park after 10:00.

She though the ticket was unfair, so she decided to fight it at the local district court. She claimed her car’s clock displayed 10:00 when she parked.

In a clip that is spreading online like wildfire, you can see the judge reaction when he learns of the situation, as he has a difficult time taking the parking enforcement officer, and the whole thing, seriously.

“Is this jail?”

The judge, who realized how silly the ticket is, jokes about it.

After asking the defendant (in a very sarcastic manner) why did she choose a life of crime, the judge asks the officer if this dangerous criminal should serve jail time.

The woman, who can tell the judge is joking, finds it increasingly difficult to keep a straight face and finally bursts out laughing.

The judge obviously dismisses the ticket.

See the full clip below!

[arve url=”https://youtu.be/kxPgia7-QRg” title=”2 minutes parking ticket” description=”2 minutes parking ticket” /]

Have you ever gotten an unfair parking ticket?

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