29 year old wants a record-breaking butt – but check out what happens when she lifts her skirt

Our appearance is mostly based on our genes. However, it is also affected by our lifestyle and surroundings. The vast majority of us are probably quite happy with how we look, or have at least accepted our “defects” to a certain degree.

Sure, maybe you exercise to get rid of that beer gut or wish your nose was a bit smaller, but these are small things. In the end, people learn how to “disguise” these imperfections with certain clothes or makeup, not letting them affect their social lives.

For some, however, their appearance must drastically change. In terms of looks, they have a particular goal, and won’t stop until they get it. However, as long as they don’t hurt others in the process, all we can do is respect their decisions and dreams.

Lissa Aires, 29, is one such person. She dreams of having “the biggest ass in the world” and has spent massive amounts of money on plastic surgery.

Here at The Laugh Club, we don’t only write about things that will make you laugh. We also highlight people who have chosen to live a different and unique life. We believe all people are equally valuable and deserve the same respect as long they don’t hurt others!

Lissa, who lives in London, has an Instagram account with two million followers, who admire the lightly dressed photos the 29-year-old posts daily.


Spent over $50,000

To grow her social media following, Lissa has spent over 40,000 British pounds to enlarge her butt, equivalent to approximately $50,000.


“I always had curves, but I also always wanted to have the biggest bum. I want to have the best shape to take the photos, so I invested heavily,” says Lissa to the Daily Star.


The operations have taken place so that the doctors have taken fat from different parts of Lissa’s body and then moved it to the buttocks.

Making the big butt bucks

However, the investment seems to have paid off. Shortly after Lissa invested heavily in her butt, she made an account on the site OnlyFans.


It is a website where you can pay to unlock different types of mature content, mainly from women.

Now Lissa has the “biggest butt on OnlyFans” and makes a lot of money selling her pictures and videos. In August this year, she earned one million pounds, which corresponds to about 1.3 million dollars.


“I bought my first property in Miami. In my best month, I earned over £75,000,” said Lissa to the Daily Star.


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