Lazy student insults well-liked teacher online, her reply teaches the punk a lesson for life

When we are young, most of us are taught to respect our elders. You should simply listen to adults and do as they say.

Unfortunately, that’s not the case for everyone – in every class, there’s always a few punks who do everything in their power to cause trouble for their teachers and fellow students.

As a teacher, it’s challenging to handle these unruly kids properly – you’ve got to be assertive and firm, but still act in a way that makes the students respect you.

Something that often works is to use humor and wisecracks – that usually shuts the troublemakers up. It also shows that you can play them at their own game and come out the winner.

Mrs. Johanson is a perfect example of such a teacher, and her perfect comeback to a student’s insult has me laughing and cheering!

Bored Panda reports on the brilliant teacher Mrs. Johanson who replied to a former student’s insults online. The school was arranging a reunion for previous students, and one person expressed their hope that Mrs. Johanson would be attending the meet-up.

“She’s a bitch”

“I hope Mrs. Johanson is at the reunion, she was the best teacher!” former student Monique writes, and a classmate instantly agrees with her.

But then troublemaker Larry makes his entrance.

“WTF that lady was youre favorite teacher?!? she a bitch cuz of her I had 2 take summer school!” Larry writes, showing that he hasn’t matured all that much since his school years.

“The grammar lessons didn’t stick too well”

But just a few hours later, Mrs. Johanson came back with a burn that caught ungrateful Larry completely blindsided.

“Sadly, I will not be able to attend, but thank you all for inviting me to the group. Larry, I am sorry you feel that way. Obviously my grammar lessons didn’t stick too well.” Mrs. Johanson replies.

Mrs. Johanson’s clever comeback had the group cheering, but Larry soon tries to get out of his embarrassing predicament.

“w/ever I couldnt say it n hs so I say it now U R A BITHC!” the troublemaker shoots back.

But then, Mrs. Johanson once again comes back with a hilarious and biting reply.

“Larry, you can barely say it now. Also, you could have said that in High School, because ‘BITHC’ isn’t a real word. I am going to use my context clues and assume you are attempting to call me a bitch. In that case, I will point out that your Facebook information lets me know that you are currently single and unemployed. Who is the bitch now?” she replies, shutting up Larry once and for all.

Here’s the conversation in its entirety.

Source: Reddit

We can only hope that Larry takes Mrs. Johanson’s words to heart and grows up! Press the SHARE button to celebrate all teachers out there!