They look like regular underwear, but what’s revealed when he turns around makes the net laugh out loud

Many people don’t like being in the spotlight. They would rather stay in the background, without making much of a fuss. They don’t seek to be the center of attention.

Others like to let their creativity flow freely. They look for new ways of personal expression and don’t mind letting others know that they are there. As the old proverb goes, it takes all kinds to make a world.

Recently, I came across a new type of boxer briefs, and this might just be the weirdest – but funniest – thing I’ve seen in a long time. These are just perfect as a joke gift!

These boxer briefs sport a 3D wolf head on the front, designed to make the wearer look “sexy and wild” according to the manufacturer.

An instant hit

And they’re not that expensive either: these briefs cost 13 dollars.

They’ve certainly had a successful launch, as word of this funny piece of underwear has spread like wildfire over the internet.

According to the seller, this is the perfect gift to your husband or boyfriend – and I have to say that I wouldn’t mind having a pair of these myself!

Doesn’t everyone want to feel a bit wild every once in a while?

You can buy these briefs here!

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