This guy’s impression of president Trump talking about the coronavirus is so good I forget about the pandemic

Stay strong, my fellow Americans, as we fight against this Pandemic that is the coronavirus COVID-19. Earlier in March, President Trump told Fox News, according to the BBC, that he hoped the country could get back to normal by Easter, which is on the weekend of 12 April.

Many people impersonate Donald Trump, he has a very unique vocal tone and speech mannerisms, similar to how it is common to impersonate Schwarzenegger. Alec Baldwin has appeared on many occasions in SNL making great impressions of the commander in chief. However, a man from Bloomfield, New Jersey, appears to give Baldwin a run for his money. His uncanny impression of Donald Trump talking about the coronavirus and Easter has gone viral online.

A great Donald Trump impression

J-L Cauvin, a man born in New York just like our president, is a well-achieved comedian that made it while working as an Assistant District Attorney during the day in the Bronx. One of his most famous skills is his ability to imitate our President, he even made an entire album as Donald Trump called Fireside Craps, available on AmazoniTunes, Spotify and Google Play.

Wikimedia Commons

The tweet that went viral

On the 24th of March, J-L made history online, with a current 6.16 million views, he made a video, once more, impersonating President Trump. But this time talking about bringing back the economy on Easter Sunday. However, he blows things out of proportion for the sake of comedy.

Watch the whole video below, what an amazing performance!

Hilarious, wasn’t it? The mannerisms and facial expressions are almost identical to Donald Trump!

I was very surprised and couldn’t stop laughing when I saw the clip.

What do you think? Was it funny or way over the top?

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