17 year old daughter reveals that she’s a lesbian, her brother’s unexpected reply cracks me up

Sometimes you keep things from your family and friends because you’re not sure how they would react if they knew. Maybe you’re a big tough guy with a secret fear of mice, maybe your grades aren’t what you sometimes claimed, maybe you pretend you’re good at something that you’ve never tried.

Coming out to your family isn’t easy, especially when you’re unsure how they’re going to take it. The father in this story sure wasn’t ready for what he heard!

Joe was an old-fashioned father, and wasn’t exactly out there walking in Pride parades in his free time. One day at breakfast, his oldest daughter gathered up her courage and decided to come out of the closet.

“Dad, I have to tell you something: I’m a lesbian.”

The father put down his newspaper and looked at her. “Hmm… are you sure?”

“Yes, Dad.”

The dad looked a little uneasy, but remained calm and said, “Okay, well, no matter what, you’re still my daughter.”

Upon seeing that the father’s reaction wasn’t as bad as she had feared, younger sister Lisa also piped up, “Dad, I’m a lesbian too.”

The dad frowned and loudly exclaimed, “Damn it, doesn’t anyone in this house like boys?”

The son raised his hand.

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