Abigail runs away from home and gets picked up by police, then her parents' love life secret is revealed

Abigail runs away from home and gets picked up by police, then her parents’ love life secret is revealed

Kids are smarter and more aware of what goes on around them than you’d think. You shouldn’t underestimate the intelligence of these little rug rats – before you know it, they’ve picked up and learned something without you noticing.

This story that I found on the Internet earlier today is about just that. The ending is absolutely brilliant – I had a good laugh with my morning coffee! What better way to start the day could you ask for?

7-year-old Abigail had run away from home, but was now safe at the police station. The two officers who had picked her up give her a glass of lemonade, and ask why she ran away from home.

The girl in the picture is unrelated to the story.

“Your parents must be worried to death. Why did you run away?” one of the officers says.

The young girl explains, “I woke up last night and had to go to the bathroom. On my way there, I heard Mom and Dad speaking in their bedroom. They said they were worried about paying the mortgage…”

The truth is revealed

The officers look at each other with concern, and ask the girl to continue.

“I couldn’t go back to sleep. After a while, I heard noises coming from my parent’s bedroom. I heard Dad yelling, ‘I’m pulling out!’. Then mom said, ‘Oh, God! Hold on, I’m coming too!'”

This shocked the officers – they had not been prepared to hear details about the girl’s parents’ bedroom activities.

Little Abigail continued:

“That’s why I ran away. I’m only 7 years old, and I’ll be DAMNED if I get stuck with the mortgage all by myself!”

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