Baby tries banana for the first time – just watch the reaction when he opens his mouth

The childhood years are, as all parents know, special. You walk around in a constant fog of fatigue. There is screaming, crying, pooping, and feeding all day long, or at least that‘s what it feels like. Every parent I have spoken with agrees.

But at the same time, it’s wonderful to have a baby. They are so innocent, honest and spontaneous – their laughter is so pure, there’s nothing quite like it on earth.

It can be something as simple as seeing a cat or snow for the first time, toddlers can find anything funny.

The baby in the clip below, for the first time, tries some banana that his parents cut on the small table to feed him.

Didn’t go as planned

But the meal didn’t go as planned.

In fact, the little cutie-pie doesn’t feel like eating at all.

Instead, he thinks the banana slices, for some reason, are hilarious.

See the full clip below!

baby laughing at bananas

Over 300,000 views

Of course, the parents can’t get mad at their little baby who doesn’t want to eat – instead, they find his laugh just as funny as he finds the bananas.

They managed to capture the wonderful reaction on video and shared the clip online, over 300,000 people have laughed at this amazing show.

There’s something about a baby’s laughter that puts a smile on your face, right?

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