Biker saves woman from jumping off a bridge

There are lots of reasons for sharing a funny story. I do it because I love spreading joy to my friends. There’s too much depressing news and needless conflict in our Facebook feeds these days.

I wonder how it affects us in the long run? Even if you don’t click the links, you’re still subjected to a lot more unpleasant impressions today than 15 years ago…

I think jokes and funny stories can do a lot to combat this negativity. I found this particular story online earlier today, and I think it’s bound to cheer you up.

Feel free to share it if you agree that we need more joy in our everyday lives!

Growlin’ George and the biker gang from Texas


A group of Texas bikers were doing a tour of the neighboring states. This gang was known for being real tough guys. And toughest of them all was their leader – Growlin’ George.

George was a big-built guy with a bushy beard and a leather vest. He had spent some time behind bars, and nobody dared to mess with him.

Growlin’ George, the toughest biker in town


One day, while driving over a bridge, the bikers noticed a beautiful girl who was standing at the railing, looking ready to jump.

George raised his hand to stop the column of bikers. He got off his Harley, walked through a group of gawkers, past the State Trooper who was trying to talk her down off the railing, and went up to the girl.

“Hey baby… whatcha doin’ up there on that railin’?”

She said tearfully, “I’m going to jump!”

While he didn’t want to appear “sensitive”, he also didn’t want to miss this “be-a-legend” opportunity either so he asked, “Well, before you jump, honey-babe… Why don’t you give me your last kiss?”

Suddenly, with no hesitation at all, she leaned back over the railing and did just that… And it was a long, deep, lingering kiss followed immediately by another, even better one.

After they breathlessly finished, Growlin’ George got a big thumbs-up approval from his biker-buddies, the onlookers, and even the State Trooper.


George said, “Wow! That was the best kiss I’ve ever had! That’s some real talent you’re wasting there, Sugar Shorts. You could be famous if you rode with me. Why would you ever want to jump?”

“Well,” she answered, “my parents don’t like me dressing up as a girl.”

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