38-year-old woman quits her job to breastfeed her boyfriend every 2 hours

38-year-old woman quits her job to breastfeed her boyfriend every 2 hours

Breastfeeding has been a sensitive topic for the past few years, there are two sides with very strong opinions about breastfeeding in public.

One side thinks it is perfectly normal and natural to feed your baby when they get hungry, whether you are in public or not. The other side thinks breastfeeding it‘s private and it should take place where other people can’t see you.

In couple from Atlanta fanned the flames of this unnecessarily controversial topic in 2016. 

Back then, there was this huge disagreement with Jennifer, who regularly breastfed Brad, her boyfriend, according to the Daily Mail.

Jennifer Mulford and her boyfriend Brad Leeson from Atlanta, Georgia, live pretty normal lives – if you ignore a very particular detail: Jennifer breastfeeds Brad.

Wanted a breastfeeding relationship

It all started with Jennifer reading about the bond that breastfeeding creates between two people. After explaining it to her childhood friend Brad, he jumped on the opportunity without a second thought.

“We don’t play the role play where I dress up in diapers or bibs or pacifiers… none of that. Although to some extent it is sexually excited for both of us, It’s more of a personal bond, it’s more of a commitment, more of an intimacy… two people becoming one,’ said Brad to the Daily Mail.

“Breastfeeding leads to sex six out of seven times. It’s a natural bond between a man and a woman… there’s nothing more relaxing than having him latch on, nothing at all,” Jennifer told the Daily Mail.

Jennifer is breastfeeding her boyfriend

Stopped working to breastfeed

Since Jennifer last time giving birth was over 20 years ago, she has to dry breastfeed Brad regularly to fool her body into producing milk. She’s also started taking herbal pills and flax seeds, hoping they will help with the milk supply.

Brad is happy with the situation and says the milk will help him become stronger, as he goes to the gym regularly.

Jennifer usually breastfeeds Brad every two hours, which had implications for her job.

“I’ve taken a break from my job because I want to devote everything to making this work,” Jennifer told the Daily Mail.

Not breastfeeding in public – yet

Brad is open to breastfeeding in public, but his girlfriend is uncertain.

“She is not willing to but I’m very open, I’m not out to please anyone. I am my own person at the end of the day… I make me happy and I make her happy,” Brad said to the Daily Mail.

What do you think? Is breastfeeding a grown person right, or should they try to find another way to bond?

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