This pizzeria will give you $600 – if you beat this "impossible" eating challenge
Crazy Pizza time

This pizzeria will give you $600 – if you beat this “impossible” eating challenge

A regular pizza measures about 12 inches in diameter and usually suffices to get full – sometimes even bloated.

But now a pizzeria has created a monster pizza measuring 32 inches. If you manage to eat it, you’ll be rewarded with €500, which is about $600, according to the British site Mirror.

Pinheads Pizza, an Irish pizzeria based in Dublin, is where this challenge was born. The restaurant offers 500 euros (about $600) to anyone who can complete their pizza challenge — so far, no one’s been able to take the price home.

100 people have tried

Owner Anthony Kelly is confident and claims it’s impossible to eat the whole giant pizza, consisting of tomato, cheese, and salami. How does he know? Over 100 people have tried and failed.

Monster Pizzeria Challenge

However, it’s not just the pizza you have to eat, two tasty milkshakes are served with it as part of the challenge. Another reason there’s no name on the “Wall of Fame” at the place yet.

Managed to eat just three slices

The Dublin Live magazine sent a local reporter, Cormac, to take a shot at it.

Only three slices

Although he did his best, he managed to get just three slices, one-quarter of the pizza, and he didn’t even touch the milkshakes. The attempt went on for 35 minutes before Cormac gave up.

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