Dirty Joke: Nun and adult film actress meet in the cemetery

Dirty Joke: Nun and adult film actress meet in the cemetery

Are you in for a dirty joke? Here you go!

A male pornstar walks into a barbershop and sits down to get a haircut. On the chair next to him, a nun is having her hair done.

While the barber is cutting his hair, he talks out loud with the barber about the different positions in which he’d like to have sex with the nun.

The nun tries to ignore him, but the guy was getting more and more obnoxious as time went by. Finally, her hair was done and she left in a hurry.

After she left, the barber told the pornstar the nun goes to the cemetery close by every night to pray. And if he’d just put a white sheet over him and pretended to be god, the nun would agree to do anything.

A pornstar with a plan

“Done and done!” Exclaimed the pornstar.

Later that night, the adult movies actor took a blanket, cut holes for his eyes and waited in a bush at the cemetery, under the white blanket.

After a while, the nun appeared, got down on her knees and started her prayers.

The porn star jumped out of the bush and said:

“I’m your god, I’ll grant all your prayers on one condition – you must have sex with me.”

The nun doubts for a second, but she agrees to the proposal, but only if they did it from behind so she could keep her innocence.

After some intense sex, the porn star rips off his blanket and exclaims with a smug face, “haha, It was me, the pornstar!”

So the nun rips off her tunic and veil, and replies:

“Haha, it was me, the barber!”

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