Funny story: 73 year old man thinks God turns the light on in the bathroom at night

Everybody sees the world differently. And when you have a strong faith, you’re bound to interpret situations in a way that others wouldn’t.

But when you add a bit of sleepiness to the mix, you start seeing some very strange – and hilarious – results. That’s just what happened to the old reverend in this story – and the last line had me in stitches!

Eric, a 73 year old retired reverend, is at his yearly health check-up. All tests came back looking good, and the doctor sits down to discuss the results with him.

“Well, Eric, physiologically everything looks good. How are you doing emotionally and mentally? Are you feeling happy, and how’s your faith these days?

“God and I are on great terms. He knows that I see so poorly these days, so now whenever I go to the bathroom at night, then ‘poof’ – the light turns on! And when I’m done peeing, then ‘poof’ – the light turns off again!”

“Fantastic! That sounds marvelous,” says the doctor.

A couple of days later the doctor calls Eric’s wife:
“Good day, Anna. Eric’s vitals are looking good, and he seems to be doing well. The reason for my call is his relation to God. Is it really true that whenever he goes to empty his bladder at night, then ‘poof’ – the bathroom light turns on? And when he’s done, then ‘poof’ – the light turns off again?”

Anna sighs and replies, “That old fool. He’s started peeing in the fridge again…”

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