Funny story: Father gets suspicious when he sees that his newborn son has red hair

The birth of your first child is a truly momentous event, full of joy and uncertainty, and topped off with the sudden need for a nap. It’s one of the biggest moments in this thing we call life.

But for one new father, the birth of his child was accompanied with some serious confusion. And when he went to to the doctor for some answers, things got even more strange!

Not long after his newborn son arrived into the world, a father ran frantically through the halls of the hospital looking for the obstetrician. When he found her, he was nearly out of breath.

“Doctor, there’s a problem: my child has red hair. He can’t possibly be mine!”

“There’s no way”

The doctor calmly replied, “Don’t be silly. Even though you and your wife both have black hair, your son could have inherited his hair from your ancestors.”

“There’s no way,” the father shot back. “Both of our families’ have had jet-black hair for generations.”

“Well,” said the doctor, a little impatient now, “tell me this: how often do you and your wife have sex?”

The father was a little embarrassed by the question. “Oh, uh, I’ve been very busy with work and preparing for the baby this year. So…we make love about once or twice every few months.”

“There you have it,” the doctor replied through a few chuckles. “It’s rust!”

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