Funny story: Grandpa tells 87-yr-old lady she’s showing her privates” – and is hit by a clever comeback

Laughing is one of the most wonderful things in life!

When you find yourself laughing constantly, you know you are in good company – surrounded by your loved ones. Still, there is nothing wrong with giggling like a little child on your own. Never stop yourself from having a laugh, it’s healthy for the heart and the soul.

No one should be ashamed of their humor. Sure there are controversial topics here and there, but no one is forcing anyone to hear a particular joke. They are jokes, not statements, not opinions, just something intended to make us laugh.

If you love sarcasm, that’s fine. If you like more childish humor, that’s great, and if you prefer your comedy a bit darker, none should judge you for it.

Laughing prolongs your life – and therefore, today we’ve brought you an incredible story to cheer up your day!

Most women know how hard it can be to wear a dress when it’s windy. You push and hold it down all the time to avoid showing the world your private parts.

However, the old lady in our story took the situation with great humor – and I think her comeback was amazing!

Exposed privates

An 87-year-old lady, while on a luxury cruise, stands by the ship’s railing in a beautiful dress while holding her hat tight, so it doesn’t get blown away by the wind.

privates exposed

An agitated older gentleman approaches her and says:

“Pardon me. Ma’am, but the wind is blowing your dress up!”

“Yes, I’m aware,” she replies. “But I need both of my hands to keep my hat in place!”

The man, politely looking away while the wind keeps blowing the woman’s dress, says:

“But please understand that your privates are being exposed.”

old lady laughing

The lady looks down, then leans towards the old gentleman and says:

“Don’t worry dear… all you can see down there is 87 years old. The hat, however, I bought yesterday!”

The man almost faints from embarrassment after her witty reply!

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