Girl marries 91-year-old for money, cleaning lady rushes in after wedding night to ask what’s happened

Marrying for money is seldom a good idea.

True, you’ll live a cushy life for a while, but with time you’ll feel more and more unhappy with your situation. If you don’t respect or like your partner, then it doesn’t matter that you’re filthy rich – because you’ll be living in a gilded cage. “Marry for love and then make the money” is my philosophy.

This story is about a young woman who tries to take the easy way through life. But things don’t go according to plan!

In this story, a young girl and her considerably older husband check into a hotel. The staff don’t like what they see, but they say nothing.

What’s a young girl like that doing with such an old geezer?

But the next day, they hear something that makes them laugh like maniacs – and I’m sure that you will too!

Anna Nicole Smith and her husband, back in the 90’s.

25-year-old marries for money

A 91 year old man and his beautiful 25 year old wife are met with several raised eyebrows when they check in at a hotel and pick up the key for the honeymoon suite.

At 8 AM the next day, the elderly husband walks into the breakfast room, cheerfully whistling a tune. He sits down at a table and orders breakfast with a radiant smile.

Fifteen minutes later, his young wife staggers in on unsteady legs. She’s got bags under her eyes and her hair is pointing in all directions. The 23 year old woman looks so worn out that a cleaning lady rushes up to her and says:

“Oh my lord, what’s happened? You’re a young woman, but you look like you’ve been in a fight with a wild dog!”

She replied, “That bastard tricked me. He told me that he’d been saving up for 50 years, I thought he meant CASH!”

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